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"After hiring Vaughan Web Design 5 years ago to help our company with SEO services, we were instantly impressed with the professionalism they showed in the very first meeting. We decided to hire them that day, and within a few short months they took our company from virtually no existence on the web, to one of the top searched personal training companies online.

Needless to say our sales grew and so did our relationship. What started as simple search engine optimization it has now evolved into a combination of both design and seo. We get nothing but compliments on the design and structure of our website, and the best part is all those compliments come from leads that Vaughan Web Design has helped cultivate.

I would highly recommend them for any project big or small. They have the knowledge, tools and most importantly the caring attitude to help your business grow leaps and bounds. Thanks Vaughan Web Design you guys are the best! "

Mike Tangreda - In Home Trainer

"We could not be happier with
our new website. It not only met, but exceeded our expectations!"

Sabrina Akritidis - Tocka Hair Salon

"Vaughan Web Design gave us the credibility of a serious contender in a competitive market. Thank you for getting us to this level and on to the next so quickly."

Stan Doel, President -
Edgegreen Ltd.

"I am extremely pleased with the website design and professionalism of Vaughan Web Design. They were able to accommodate all of our needs and offer assistance and suggestions along the way. Our business will benefit greatly from the new website, allowing us to expand."

Melinda Patullo, President -
The Kids Fun Factory

"Vaughan Web Design has done a phenomenal job for my company with their search engine optimization work. I rank high on a variety of search engine sites with a variety of key terms. Over 50% of people contacting my company have found me via the internet, this has had a significant impact on my new business getting off to a great start. "

Amelia Perri, RN, HonBScN -
Healing from Within

"Vaughan Web Design has been a fantastic and cost effective resource in managing our website information and promotion. Today's electronic media are an important part of any company's profile and Vaughan Web Design has done a great job in advising and implementing our web and e-mail strategy."

Alex Patinios - Dionysus Wines & Spirits



Client List

Below you will find an assortment of client websites. Each site has a unique flavour to it. Please feel free to bookmark this page and come back often because our client list is increasing daily!

Websites Created by Vaughan Web Design

3G Group

Business Type: Mould Remediation
Client Since: November 2014

3G Group

Acclaim Design & Profiles

Business Type: Manufacturing
Client Since: November 2012

Web Design & Hosting

Bell and Associates

Business Type: Accounting
Client Since: December 2006

Web Design & Hosting

BK Special Education Consulting

Business Type: Education
Client Since: January 2015

Web Design

Central Plumbing Supply Inc.

Business Type: Plumbing
Client Since: September 2010

Central Plumbing Supply

Edgegreen Ltd.

Business Type: Golf Cars
Client Since: April 2009

Web Design & Hosting

Golden Gate Wire Products Ltd.

Business Type: Wire Products
Client Since: May 2012

Jagwire Electrical Services

Business Type: Electrical Services
Client Since: September 2007

Web Design

Business Type: Personal Trainer
Client Since: April 2009

Web Design

Indu-com Ltd.

Business Type: Commercial Painters
Client Since: October 2014

Indu-com Ltd.

MagnaLife Financial

Business Type: Insurance and Financial Services
Client Since: June 2009

Web Design and Hosting

Maple Massage Therapy & Acupuncture

Business Type: Massage Therapist
Client Since: July 2011

Web Design and Hosting

Mary Morsilli

Business Type: Book Author
Client Since: June 2009

Web Design and Hosting

North 7 Iron & Metal

Business Type: Commercial/Residential Disposal
Client Since: December 2011

Web Design and Hosting

Perri Naturopathic Care

Business Type: Naturopathic
Client Since: January 2015

Premier Printing Limited

Business Type: Commercial Printing
Client Since: January 2009

Web Design and Hosting

Pronto Cleaners Ltd.

Business Type: Textile Restoration
Client Since: October 2007

Web Design & Hosting

Prime Design Interlock & Landscape

Business Type: Interlocking & Landscape
Client Since: February 2008

Web Design & Hosting

Sabatini Jewellery

Business Type: Apparel
Client Since: March 2011

Sabatini Jewellery

The Secret Ingredient

Business Type: Wedding Cakes
Client Since: March 2004

Web Design & Hosting

Business Type: Wholesale
Client Since: August 2010

Realcor Commercial Realty Inc.

Business Type: Commercial Real Estate
Client Since: August 2009

Web Design & Hosting

Vaughan Telecom

Business Type:Telecommunications
Client Since: April 2011

Web Design & Hosting

Waterflo Kitchen & Bath Gallery

Business Type: Kitchen and Bath Solutions
Client Since: July 2011

Web Design & Hosting

Wine of the Weekend

Business Type: Food & Beverage
Client Since: November 2008

Zet's Restaurant

Business Type: Hospitality
Client Since: December 2013

Restaurant Web Design
Websites Managed by Vaughan Web Design

Draper Slippers - Provide Web Maintenance

Dionysus Premium Wines & Spirits - Provide Web Maintenance & Search Engine Optimization Services

Healing from Within by Amelia Perri - Provide Web Maintenance & Search Engine Optimization Services

Milestone Contracting Inc. - Provide Web Maintenance & Search Engine Optimization Services

Superior Extrusions - Provide Web Hosting and Maintenance Services

The Kids Fun Factory - Provide Web Hosting and Maintenance Services

Vanguard Realty Brokerage Corp. - Provide Email Marketing and Web Hosting Services

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