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Vaughan Business Directory is small business list website, a human edited directory organized by geographic location. This directory list is designed to help Vaughan consumers to find and shop local small businesses in and around the Vaughan, Ontario area. VBD connects local Vaughan businesses with local Vaughan residents people to help entrepreneurs and consumers find what they need.

All FREE Business Listings and/or online advertised listings are for Vaughan, Ontario and the surrounding area only. These local listings include Vaughan businesses such as restaurants, laywers, dentists, real estate agents and other products & services.

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When customers shop online, they are looking for detailed information to help them make a purchase decision. Your free Vaughan Business listing tells online customers everything they need to know about your business. 

Vaughan Business Directory aims to promote your business by placing it on search engines and online distribution sources. Simply, your business information is set in the path of consumers seeking out relevant information on search engines and other sites and directories; such as Google where we rank on the top pages for the search term: “vaughan business directory”.


Vaughan Web Design Inc. is not hiring at this moment and does not solicit or post jobs on 3rd party career websites.
We also do not provide training for any full-time or part-time remote positions.
If you are in contact by someone misrepresenting Vaughan Web Design Inc.,
please contact immediately and we will respond within 24 business hours.

Vaughan Web Design Inc. Management
Dated: July 18, 2022